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Re: Solid edge mount (PRESTON)

Started by Preston E, 01/15/2004 05:07PM
Posted 01/15/2004 05:07PM Opening Post
Thank You Micheal, You've got my gist...although the current thinking would place the support roughly in the middle thickness of the mirror...and this is a SIMPLE SOLUTION!!!

The higher studies look to have a push/pull system as in the ESO 8m....very differant situation, I'll agree.

Again, I'm not sure what your angle between the supports was now...but the optimum by the referenced material was 90 degrees...

Your a Bright Fellow Micheal...I'd urge you to look at the latest data available to help when possible...they have MUCH MORE MONEY TO SPEND ON RESEARCH THAN WE Do...They get Government grants!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the Kind thoughts, I was just trying to help you...

Very Best Regards,


ps...Your construction and fab skills mirror ours...hope to be able to meet up some day.
Posted 01/15/2004 07:16PM #1
Having been out of Astronomy since my teens, and able now in my 40ties...with funds, and European Clients...4-8meter we have been consulting...

ps...I have had my juices over flowing from some of your post...

Personally, we are working on a 10" and 20" RC robotic observatorys...Then looking to go to perhaps 48"...time will tell...

What is WSP???Out of the loop likely....Our current Research is directed toward amateur...and not commercial...

Very Best Regards, Please keep in Touch...