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Richard D Shaffer's where abouts???He's Missing?

Started by Preston E, 12/08/2004 08:02PM
Posted 12/08/2004 08:02PM Opening Post
Richard was last seen posting on or about 22 November 2004 on Astromart forums...

I was last in contact with him on 15 November...regarding the purchase of some bearings that he had listed...

Does anyone know what has become of Richard???

Thanks and Best Regards,

Posted 12/08/2004 08:10PM #1
You could try asking here, although I don't know how much help it will be. Good luck.


PS - I hope I copied the link right...
Posted 12/08/2004 08:25PM #2
I will attempt to contact him privately by e-mail. If this does not work I will give him a call.

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Posted 12/09/2004 11:36AM #3
Everyone, smile I just finished speaking with Rich (for 35 minutes +)very pleasurable...He has been very under the weather but we will all get our bearings.

Best Regards,

Posted 12/24/2004 12:27PM #4
Stop squatting on Floyd's favorite observing spot. If you see E.T. tell him to phone home as well.