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Wax bearings?

Started by jacobson, 07/30/2010 05:47AM
Posted 07/30/2010 05:47AM Opening Post
Since teflon/Ebony Star bearings need to be waxed for optimum performance, has anyone tried using blocks of wax for bearings?
Posted 07/30/2010 08:27AM | Edited 07/30/2010 09:08AM #1
Applying a coat of wax to bearing Surfaces affects Friction of those surfaces but the wax itself does not provide Support.
Wax is relatively soft & if were the sole supporting material should deform under the weight of the scope.
Posted 07/30/2010 09:21AM #2
I know my imagination can run a bit wild at times, but I am imagining a dob with wax bearings sitting out in the desert sun. I figure my mirror cool down would no longer be my chief problem.

Posted 08/07/2010 02:34PM #3
What gave you the idea that Ebony Star needs wax on Teflon? You're driving a telescope. Wax, or any other lubricant, is likely to turn it into a weather vane. Years ago, on a hunch, I tried Pledge furniture wax on a scope of mine. Too slick. I took it off with alcohol, back to normal.