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You look marvelous! Can I tell you that?

Started by eyork, 08/06/2004 10:32AM
Posted 08/06/2004 10:32AM Opening Post
I have my tubed reflector in pieces and will strip down the rest of the way to flock. The big question, what color do I paint the tube (currently Orion gun metal gray).

Isn't there a rule that you can't see good 'till you look good?

Posted 08/06/2004 05:23PM #1
Peter and all,

White is good except right around the eyepiece. Then the white reflects stray light toward your eyes while viewing. I painted my white tube dob black just on the upper 2 ft and only on the focuser side.

Your right about the visibility advantage. Once I gave a star party to a country school classroom that was having a special function that evening. The rural area was very dark and unlit. The teacher announced that my scope was on the basketball court (unlit). To my horror, the kids jumped up and ran out there at full speed before I could get out there, with their eyes still used to room light! Some of the first kids spotted it and shielded the horde away. If the scope were painted black, they would have surely run over it.

Mike Ratcliff