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strange object

Started by RICHARD RUNCIE, 03/12/2015 10:44PM
Posted 03/12/2015 10:44PM Opening Post
Anybody out there observing. Strange defuse v shaped almost like wishbone shaped 2deg area of nebulosity approx 5-10degrees East of Leo. Appears motionless about 3.5 to 4th magnitude. Saw naked eye, with 7X50's and 15X80's. Looks like a nebula in a telescope. Please take a look. Comet? Rocket chemical expulsion etc. Have no idea what it is. Rick Runcie
Posted 03/12/2015 10:56PM #1
Well whatever it was it has dissipated. I saw it naked eye. Couldnt recall anything that bright in that location went in and came out with 7X50's and then with 15X80's. So I observed it for 5to 10 minutes. Time it took to write post and went back out it was gone. Sky is mostly clear with 5th magnitude skies. Oh well good night. Rick Runcie
Posted 03/13/2015 08:08AM #2
Hi Richard,

When and where were you when you observed this?

I was out with a class last night just north of Lubbock TX when we all saw a small patch about 2 degrees across that looked like a tiny cloud, but was very unusual for a cloud. We first saw it at about 9.18 CDT, close to zeta tauri. The cloud drifted slowly eastwards towards Jupiter, almost reaching it at about 9.28. As it drifted, it became larger, faint and more diffuse, fading from view just before it reached Jupiter.

It did not look right to be a cloud and the rest of the sky was clear. When I first saw it, my immediate thought was that it was a fuel dump from a rocket booster. I see that NASA launched the MMS mission last night, but the timing looks too late.

Very intriguing.


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