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Eyepiece Size and Weight Mysteries

Started by Peter Glus, 09/29/2006 09:44AM
Posted 09/29/2006 09:44AM | Edited 09/29/2006 09:44AM Opening Post
I have a orange tube C8, and love to just scan the sky. Did some research on large AFOV eps and progressed steadily from a GSO 82 UWA 30mm to a UO MK 70 40mm. Liked the ep a lot, but was attracted to one that had less edge I sold it on AM and plunked down 300 for a Series 5000 SWA 40 mm. Here's my question and problem:

1. Why is the meade SOOOO much bigger than the UO? I mean this is not a subtle difference here...the thing is HUGE.
2. What tips and tricks are there for counterbalancing such a heavy EP? I mean, adding 2.6 pounds at say 12 inches from the balance point will translate to like 4 or 5 lbs on the counterwieght rod! Am I missing something, in that these EPs shouldn't be used on GEMs?

Many thanks for any info...

- Peter