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Printing problems

Started by bobblack, 03/12/2008 03:19PM
Posted 03/12/2008 03:19PM Opening Post
I have just taken my first picture ever of M42. I put it thru Deepsky stacker then photoshop and I am really happy with it. The problen I have is when I printed it out the stars all bloated. (larger than they where in photoshop).
My question is, is this my printer or haveI done something wrong in the processing? I know it looks real good otherwise. Wish I knew how to post it here but I'm to darned old to be learning all these new things. Wish I had started 40 years ago, sincerely, bob
Posted 03/12/2008 04:27PM #1
It is never too late to get hooked on something new!

A couple of questions: What size print did you make? And when viewing the photo with Photoshop, were you seeing it at 100% size. If you are looking at it in Photoshop at, say, 25%, then make a print 8x10 that could result in bigger stars. Another factor may be going from computer monitor to print. I know my good photo printer has a hard time with astrophotos. Any print is going to have far less dynamic range (range of light to dark) than you will see on your monitor. If you want to attach your image to a forum post, look below the box where you type your post. You see where it says Attach Image:? There is button right there that says Browse...if you click it, you will get the directory for your computer. If you know where your M42 picture file is, you can go there, highlight it, and click open. Then click Post. If the picture file is really big, it may be rejected. Let me know if you need help to get it re-sized.

Well, this was pretty wordy!