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Belt of Orion

Started by erikdlin, 01/07/2003 07:26AM
Posted 01/07/2003 07:26AM Opening Post

Does anyone happen know th exact angular separation of the Belt stars. I am trying to verify the ACTUAL FOV of my 20X80 & 25X100mm binos and could use some help. Looking for angular measurement between 2.5-3.5 deg. Other recommendations welcome.

Erik D
Posted 01/07/2003 08:07AM #1
Gamma Cas to Eta Cas = 3.1° (25mm in SkyAtlas 2000.0)
My 20x80 Oberwerks are slightly wider than this (3.2°)26mm.

74 Tau to 63 Tau = 2.7° (22mm in SkyAtlas 2000.0)
had a pair of 25x70s recently, this was a little larger than the fov

the triangular head of Serpens Caput = 3.3°
d1d2 (11,12) Lyra to e1e2 4,5) Lyra = 3.3° exact
These views were recorded with Orion giant 16x80s (3.3°)27mm

Orions belt stars = this fits easily in the 16x80s
just checked this, they are much less than 3.3°

Was out last night(Tues) and checked out the belt stars again. These just fit across the fov of my Oberwerk 20x80s with little room to spare. The 20x80 have a 3.15° fov. Belt takes up about 90% of the fov.

The Kids (7, 10, 8 Aur) in one view = 2.75°

Castor to star just north of Pollux (75Gem) 3.5° exact

the body 12-9-11-10-6-4 of Delphinus = 3.1° exact
this view was recorded with Oberwerk 20x80s

add 3 Del ( from 12 to 3) to the above = 36mm = 4.4°
this view was recorded with 15x70 Oberwerks