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Camera on the Moon

Started by jacobson, 05/15/2003 01:47PM
Posted 05/15/2003 01:47PM Opening Post
When will we have a camera on the Moon during a lunar eclipse? I'll bet the picture of the Earth, surrounded by an orange ring of sunlight refracted by the atmosphere, would be at least as spectacular as Earth-based solar eclipse pictures!
Posted 05/15/2003 02:07PM #1
I'm pretty sure there are a couple Hasselblads up there, but I believe the film magazines were taken back to Earth. SOoooo, if you could arrainge for the new magazines, I'm sure we could get the folks up there to send some copies back. Or get one of the new digital backs. Then they could download them to the web!
(Have you noticed that the posts here on AM have been getting "kookie" lately? Must be close to Full Moon!)

Posted 05/15/2003 02:29PM #2
My recollection is that we watched the lunar lander module 'take off' from the moon...I think live. That means that there area several video cameras still there.

Could they be turned on????