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Fun with O-III filter - 3 great nebulas and one dud

Started by Mike Ratcliff, 07/19/2004 06:43PM
Posted 07/19/2004 06:43PM | Edited 07/19/2004 06:47PM Opening Post
A brief note on some nebula seen Saturday night. Second time with an O-III filter and a 16" dob. Previous telescope 6" dob have had for 7 years.

Site was in S. California desert about 15 miles east of Lucerne Valley. Observed with the San Bernardino Valley Astronomy Association. Sky was clear and pretty dark overhead. Light domes from LA to the south and southwest.

First one Veil Nebula was great. No struggling with dimness or averted imagination this time! Both main arcs of Veil had many details. Plus many areas between the two arcs were easily visible too.

North American nebula, have seen many times in my old 6" but the view was dim. This time, the Gulf of Mexico area was really nice and obvious, and many parts of the nearby Pelican nebula as well.

Crescent Nebula. Seen before with 6" but just barely. This time, very obvious and nice delicate details. Not as bright as Veil. I'd like to rename this one the "Ear" nebula. Also saw on friends 10" Meade LX200, dimmer as expected but details still seen.

Bubble Nebula. This one is the dud. Still just can see some faint nebulosity around one star. Could be fooled into thinking there was some dew on an eyepiece and the star had some glare on it. Of course no dew in this place. In photos the bubble is beautiful. But visually - - how could anyone put this on a "must see" list like the Caldwell or the RASC Best 110?

I did see the nearby nebulas Sh2-157 and NGC 7538. The Sh2-157 looked nice like a smaller dimmer Crescent nebula. NGC 7538 a small blob of nebulosity, reminds me of M78 in my small scope. Both of these much nicer than the Bubble!

Mike Ratcliff