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Gamma Virginis Revisited

Started by Walter, 05/20/2002 06:12PM
Posted 05/20/2002 06:12PM Opening Post
Tonight was the first clear night since getting my recently completed 10" f/6 back from the coaters. A cold front had just moved through so typically the seeing is horrible for the first day but I had to try. Looked at Jupiter, but being low was greeted by typical mushy appearance due to lower altitude. Looking directly over the roof of my house didn't help either! However, the occasional moments showed the moons as tiny littlt discs at 120x, so I was happy. As it got darker I switched to Castor, but that was too easy. So I turned around to Virgo, found Gamma, and even at 120X, I could tell it was double. Put in the 2.5X and voila!, there they were, two perfect little discs floating in mostly mush. Well, you know what I mean, not perfect discs, but when it momentarily cleared, they looked great. I'm HAPPY!