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New lunar eclipse photo idea

Started by jacobson, 05/15/2003 11:05AM
Posted 05/15/2003 11:05AM Opening Post
Many of you have probably seen some of those impressive multiple exposures of a lunar eclipse that show the Moon passing through the Earth's shadow. What I haven't seen yet is a continuous exposure through the eclipse, which would show the Moon as a continuous streak - really a photo of the Earth's shadow, not of the Moon. The camera would be tracking the stars. What you would need is an accurate tracking mount, a camera with a mechanical shutter that can remain open for hours without running down the battery, and a fairly dark neutral density filter. I don't have the necessary equipment. I know its rather late for tonight's eclipse, but it might be interesting for someone out there to try!
Posted 05/15/2003 01:24PM #1
Today’s “astronomy picture of the day” ( has something like this from the 1/2000 lunar eclipse. The picture was taken with a fixed mount and shows the moon trail from full to eclipse totality. Another picture at is similar but shows the whole eclipse
Posted 05/16/2003 07:04AM #2
It's been done before.

Dave Mitsky

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