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Observing Log Techniques

Started by dsimons, 11/26/2003 10:41AM
Posted 11/26/2003 10:41AM Opening Post
Since I have moved to semi-dark skies skies here in northern California, I have been doing more deep sky observing this last year, than in the previous 10 years when I had to drive to state parks to get an equivalent view. I have been trying to complete the Messier list, and have observed almost all of them, but most of my notes end up in a star atlas scribbled next to the object. This works OK for when I want a rough description of something, but does not leave room for the sky conditions, time, date etc.

Are there any tricks of the trade on keeping a clean observing log, such as spiral bound, vs. bound book style, loose leaf? Small size vs. 8.5x11" ? Preprinted forms ? Electronic spreadsheet, voice recording etc. Also what kind of red lights for writing etc.

Thanks for any input !

David Simons