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Tall, narrow star map idea

Started by jacobson, 05/02/2003 11:20AM
Posted 05/02/2003 11:20AM Opening Post
I wish someone would publish star maps that correspond to the way that I (and I suspect many others) actually do observing. I usually concentrate on a few hours of right ascension, whatever is in a good position that evening, and look for objects from the north pole to the southern horizon. It would be very nice to have a map that covers a sector of sky from pole to pole, and covering 2 to 4 hours of right ascension. The map would be folded horizontally into 4 to 8 sections; you would just unfold the section you needed. No more flipping pages in an atlas. I've made maps similar to this by making copies from the Cambridge Star Atlas and taping them together, and found them to be very convenient. It would be nice to have a single continuous map like this. Six to 12 maps would cover the entire sky, with minimal distortion.
Posted 05/05/2003 07:27AM #1
The Bright Star Atlas 2000.0 is quite handy in this regard because of its "vertical" layout.

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