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tester for web deep sky planner needed

Started by tomlicha, 11/20/2002 11:15AM
Posted 11/20/2002 11:15AM Opening Post

I updatet my deep sky planner to reflect your latitude according to the language adjusted in your browser. The planner should make a reasonable guess about your world wide location.

If someone is interessted to test this and check, wether the planner suggests reasonable skyobjects for your location to be highest in the sky around midnight, please follow that link:

Thanx for your help
Posted 11/20/2002 02:13PM #1
Hi tom,

I tried your planner but it would not let me set a latitude. Also when I entered central US it still gave me objects like the Magellanic clouds as being suitable for viewing. It also indicated a latitude of 95! So there are still some bugs in the system I am afraid.

Keep trying, it looks like it could be useful.


PS the NGC number for 47 tucanae is NGC 104.

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Posted 11/23/2002 05:26AM #2

can you send me your long / lat value and name of city? I would like to check this.

Thanx for debugging.
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