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The Ying Yang Cluster (NGC225)

Started by David Simons, 09/13/2004 12:38AM
Posted 09/13/2004 12:38AM | Edited 09/13/2004 12:43AM Opening Post
I was going through some of the clusters in Cassiopeia this weekend, and when I came across NGC225, wrapped around it was a swirl of stars that to me looked like the Ying/Yang symbol.

I was using a Vixen/Orion 125x20 bino in about a mag 5+ sky, but I think 70-100mm aperture would show the swirl of stars pretty well also.

I doctored the Desktop Universe shot below a bit to show the general pattern, as there are many more stars in the eyepiece!

The Milky Way shows a lot of mottling in this area, and a low power view helps to bring it out.

David Simons

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David Simons