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TV102 and the LXD55 – Equipment/Observing report

Started by tomt, 09/30/2002 10:04AM
Posted 09/30/2002 10:04AM Opening Post

Tom T.
Posted 09/30/2002 07:22PM #1
Thanks for the report Tom. Been contemplating putting my TV102 on an LXD55 since the mount was first announced.

A few questions occurred to me:
1)How transportable is the mount/scope combination? In other words, with the scope on the mount and ready to go, can you readily pick up the whole thing and carry it out of the house?
2)Did you use the TV ring and a dovetail plate to attach scope to mount, or some other arrangement? Were all the parts off-the-shelf?
3)Is it possible to put Autostar in 'tracking mode' (i.e. run the R.A. motor at sidereal rate) without bothering to do an alignment? This would be my 'quick-look' approach.
Thanks again.
Bob Young

Having a big time on a small scale grin