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What does it take to view the Veil nebula?

Started by Inge_S, 01/10/2003 10:17AM
Posted 01/10/2003 10:17AM Opening Post
The Veil nebula complex makes a wonderful sight even in a modest 8-inch Newtonian equipped with an O-III filter and an eyepiece with a decent field of view. However, a dark, transparent sky and absence of ambient light is important to enjoy the full splendour of the nebula.

On Wednesday evening I had my scope out just to check the seeing conditions. A friend of mine dropped by, and wanted to have a look at the Veil, and I decided to make a try in spite of interfering moonlight and snow on the ground reflecting all the high-pressure sodium lamps in the vicinity. Just a hint of the nebulocity could me made out without a filter, therefore I put on the O-III. Then the nebula was pretty easy to see in spite of the conditions. Just as my friend was to take over the scope, a #£€@#@ truck came down the road pointing its headlights directly towards us. And believe it or not, it was still possible to see the Veil with the truck parked at a distance of 30 metres.

This was not a great sight, but it just illustrates the fact that the Veil nebula isn't really a difficult object in a decent modern telescope. The O-III filter certainly helps a lot, but even without a filter quite a lot can be seen with 8-inches of aperture.
Posted 01/10/2003 02:34PM #1
I've seen the entire "loop" in 15 X 80 binoculars (in a dark sky site at a star party)...

Posted 01/10/2003 05:48PM #2
Ah, yes. The Veil is always a favorite of mine.

I've seen the brighter arc in 8x32 roof-prism binoculars and the entire "loop" (with inner "patch") in both my 3-inch refractors (f/6.7 and f/6).

These views were from dark sites with limiting mags. around 6.5. I should try it from my backyard (~5.3 l.m.) and see how the MK67 does.

Thanks for sharing.
Best wishes.