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Posting a classified is getting absurd

Started by NB, 08/12/2018 10:41PM
Posted 09/01/2018 11:00PM #30
Originally Posted by Greg Shaffer

Actually Neil given your responses I dont give a rats ass if you feel insulted when the goal here was to be helpful over what should be a NON-issue.....Perhaps had you simply said you knew this info to start with rather than all the snidery this wouldnt have drawn out......You implied that the the work around I pointed out wasnt available when you use the "list all" function not me. It is and now you claim you knew it was and knew how to use it. So be insulted all you like lol
Didn't understand that myself.  I thought the OP was having problems and looking for solutions?  

Me?  I would be THANKFUL that you took the time to post photos to help me out!!  

I certainly wouldn't take your help as an insult.  After all, you spent your time trying to help fellow A-Marter out with his postings for classified ads, and you get back in your face snide remarks?  


Plus, I just happened to be perusing the entire thread, and there were comments made that frankly showed an incredible ingratitude.

Maybe it is just me but A-Mart strikes me as a place that is INCREDIBLY CHEAP FOR WHAT YOU GET!!!

I mean to say, where else could you get WORLDWIDE exposure for advertisements enabling you to sell your astronomical equipment to others at a place that is set up exclusively for the Amateur or Professional Astronomer.

Then you get different levels you can buy for literally a few cents per day?  

Am I mistaken when I realize that if one joins A-Mart it is all of a whole $15 PER YEAR???  

And I think when I rejoined I got 100 ADS for that $15?  That's less than a buck and a quarter per month, or broken down by Advertisement a whopping $0.15 per astronomical equipment ad??  

What is the ROI at that rate?  I'd say the Return on your investment is ASTRONOMICAL!!  

LOL   smile
Posted 09/02/2018 12:38AM #31
Some folks just cant handle being shown up for being whiney snits is all I can figure smile

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