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Aurora Report

Started by hknytych, 10/29/2003 10:46AM
Posted 10/29/2003 10:46AM Opening Post
Not exactly solar system observing, but spectacular nonetheless:

Last night from about 0730 - 0830 UTM, location, 3 miles west of Scappoose, OR, (NW of Portland), behind the scattered clouds on the horizon was a bright green glow extending from the horizon to approx 30* elevation, in a 120* swath from NW to NE. At the height of the display, it extended nearly from Cygnus to Orion! The display instensified gradually to a dull red above the green, with multiple streamers emanating from 50* - 60* above the horizon that turned yellow-orangish. My wife described the color as "tangerine". The streamer action lasted maybe 5 minutes. Altogether, a thoroughly spectacular display for this location, and doubly appreciated, since we anticipated predicted overcast conditions would preclude seeing anything like this!

Howard Knytych