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New Bogen Tripod & Accessories.

Started by erikdlin, 04/15/2003 11:43AM
Posted 04/15/2003 11:43AM Opening Post
Just got back from a week in Las Vegas for the 2003 NAB trade show(my 12th). Had a chance to visit the large Bogen booth on the last day when our own booth traffic slowed. Bogen/Manfrotto/Gitzo are all one big happy family now under some UK(I think) parent company. As usual Bogen have at lot of new products. Some items of interest:

1. Manfrotto now have custom QR plates for the follwoing spotting scopes: 200Z1 plate for Zeiss Diascope, 200LE1 for Leica Televid, 200SW1 for Swarovski AT/ST80 and 200NK1 for Nikon Field Scope 78. These plates relplace the standard 3157 QR plate supplied with the popular 3130 fluid head. Street price ~$17.50. A bit higher than the 3157.

2. A new 700RC2 fluid head weighing just 1.1 lb and rated for 5.5lb. Could be interesting to hikers wanting the save the last few oz.

3. Bogen have several Carbon fiber tripods in the 3443/3444 series. Weight 3.5-3.6 lbs--about 1.5 lbs lighter than the traditional Al tripods in the 3011/3221 series. However, all of them are priced at over $300 which is twice the cost of the Al tripods. The Carbon tripods are also several inchs shorter. I think they are OK with angled eyepieces but probably too short for binos with straight thru eyepeices.

4. There is a new Bogen 516 fluid head with TWO pan hadles and weighs 4.4 lbs. The head is rated for 22 lbs and priced about $380. Could be a alternative for someone who wants to use a 100-125mm telescope for terrestial viewing or for mounting the new Burgess/Oberwerk 20/40X100mm asto binoculars.

Erik D
Posted 04/15/2003 05:05PM #1
Erik D reports from reviewing new Bogen products in Las Vegas that:


I'm not sure about the Zeiss, Leica or Nikon, but, one VERY nice feature of the tripod foot on the Swarovski 65 (and likely also the 80) is that it fits DIRECTLY into the rectangular slot for the smaller Bogen heads! This weekend, when the proprietor of the Wild Bird Center in Monterey proudly showed off her first 65 HD, I removed it from the Bogen 3405B, took off the QR plate, and replaced it onto that head.

So, that's one less item to lose, one less step to mount the scope, and one less chance to somehow drop over $1600 of fine Austrian optics onto dirt, concrete, etc!

Alan Birnbaum
Fresno, CA