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An interesting idea

Started by rpasken, 08/28/2008 09:00AM
Posted 08/28/2008 09:00AM Opening Post
From Jennifer Marohasy's blog

Radiative equilibrium is one of the foundation stones of radiative forcing theory. But it is not a law of physics, only a rather archaic and untested supposition found in climatology textbooks alone.

Oh well so much for basic science
Posted 08/28/2008 10:18AM #1
I had never heard of Jennifer Marohasy, so I looked up her blog.
Yikes. I also like the post on how arctic sea ice refuses to melt this summer.
Maybe she doesn't read the BBC

Reposition fantasy as "fact" and dismiss fact as "fantasy". She must know Carl Rove, no? (Sorry, I'll keep the snarky political commentary for the politics forum wink )