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Those Corporate Maniacs...

Started by Rod Kaufman, 04/01/2016 08:29PM
Posted 04/01/2016 08:29PM Opening Post
Supporting Obama on climate change in court. The conspiracy grows!
Posted 04/24/2016 06:10AM #1
Rod Kaufman said:

Supporting Obama on climate change in court. The conspiracy grows!

Well Gosh, this is a toughie to explain isn't it. One need have a IQ of how much to understand, maybe 3 or 4? Each is trying to curry favor with the Obama administration, since their industry won't have to worry about paying carbon credits, and the other one IKEA, being based in Sweden doesn't have to worry about what is coming to affect his company, they're already complying with whatever the Swedes have imposed upon them.

Its a no brainer, yet 4 whole companies out of how many thousands of companies in this country and around the world have joined Obama? 4 if the article is correct. Software maker Adobe is paying how much in Carbon Emission violations to the gov't? Oh, well since they write code, I doubt they're burning a lot of fossil fuels in their production, or do you have inside information that Adobe, Mars Candy, and Blue Cross Blue Shield will be mightily affected by the Regulations?

In fact, inform us all, oh Karnak how much money Blue Cross Blue Shield will most likely PAY to comply with Carbon Emission regulations in the next 25 years. Go ahead and enlighten us all. My guess would be about $0.00 in compliance costs. Now, this may be news to you, but if you look at the article, it talks about IKEA, and who is IKEA? Well its Ingvar Kampard. Who is He?

Well here is an article on him, a big con man who is taking the Swedish gov't and essentially the world for a ride, and making Billions off of it.

Ikea’s association with Swedishness and Swedish values is so ironic that one would be hard pressed to know where to begin. One obvious place to start would be to note that the Swedish government is using taxpayer money to give free advertising to a corporation that left Sweden to avoid paying taxes. Ikea contributes next to nothing to Sweden in the form of corporate tax, all while making billions off of its Swedish image. In fact, the company has gone to extraordinary lengths to avoid giving anything back to the national budgets of their host nations.

Golly GEE willikers. I'll bet you didn't have a CLUE about that and IKEA now did you Rod? Want more? How about most of the CRAP that IKEA sells is knock-down furniture that the customer has to put together, so they save the labor costs and pass them off to customers who think they are getting a great deal.

But aside from that, he's milking not only the Swedish system, but the WORLD itself.

The article you posted is all about IKEA, and why wouldn't he go along with the Nonsense, it makes him LOOK good in front of those who suck it up and say "WOW, what a great company, they are SO GREEN"! Delve in a little and you'll see the game that company is playing to makes billions off of suckers..

Thanks for putting up a completely irrelevant article