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Apollo as a Hoax (not!)

Started by kmichaelm, 11/08/2002 10:33AM
Posted 11/08/2002 10:33AM Opening Post
With the recent story about aerospace writer Jim Oberg being commissioned by NASA to do a book documenting how the Apollo missions were actually done - and not faked (see )

you might be getting questions from people about how we know Apollo was real. So, here are some web resources...

Bad Astronomy in that FOX-TV Moon Hoax show (general)

Great semi-technical site for moon hoax refutation

Moon Hoax? (general oeverview of "hoax" claims):

Moon rocks

Strange Shadows? Apollo Moon Photos Fake? Apollo

Is it impossible to travel to the moon,
because of the Van Allen Belt?

Five Reasons to Believe We've Been to the Moon

Can we see Apollo hardware on the moon?

Quick Analysis of Lunar Retroreflector Use

Australian tracking and reception of signals from
Apollo on the moon

Ham Radio Tracking of Apollo 17
Posted 11/08/2002 10:35AM #1
You can also pose these questions for the hoax believers...

Do you know how many times we landed on the moon? Six.
Why would we fake a moon landing SIX TIMES? (The more
people who know about a
secret, the harder it is to keep.)

Hoax Believers must believe the entire history of the
20th century must be a hoax - the whole point of
Apollo was to show up the russians. So why didn't the
russians blow the whistle?

A hoax this size would require thousands of people's
involvment. Hundreds of thoudands of people were
directly involved with Apollo. Yet none of them have
talked yet. HBs would have you believe the gummint can
keep this big a secret while not being able to cover
up sex acts in the White House.

HBs would also have you believe that the technology
existed in 1969 to fake the thousands of photos, films
hundreds of hours of low and xero gravity video. What
did they use to fake all this? A PC with Photoshop in

HBs would also have you believe that all the amateur
ham radio enthusiasts that were listening in with
their own equipment are either part of the hoax or

HBs would also have you believe that all the amateur
astronomers that were optically tracking the missions
with their own telescopes as part of SAO's Moonwatch
program were either part of the hoax or fooled.

HBs also have to believe that EVERY planetary
scientist & geochemist is on this hoax or too stupid
to tell that the more than 800 lbs. of moon rock are
fake, even after 30 years of examing them with ever
more sophisticated methods of analysis.