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Mars Spirit landing base in the background?

Started by dsimons, 03/16/2004 10:16PM
Posted 03/16/2004 10:16PM Opening Post
Was doing the zoom program on the Mars Spirit pictures of the Bonneville crater on, and spotted the shiney object in the distance. This must be the lander base?

David Simons

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Posted 03/17/2004 03:07AM #1
David, Thanks for posting the photo. These shots from Mars never cease to amaze me. It looks like someone stepped out w/a Polaroid & took a shot. One almost gets the impression that you are there on the surface. DR

Darian R.
Posted 03/17/2004 02:42PM #2
That shiny object is most likely Spirit's heat shield. It was spotted on MGS images well before Spirit reached Bonneville's rim. You can see it in this image:

That image is from this January 23, 2004 press release which has a lot of cool stuff, including animations of Spirit's descent: