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Missle Test , SDI and.....

Started by Settimio, 03/13/2003 04:06AM
Posted 03/13/2003 04:06AM Opening Post
It is intersting that one of the premeisis in developing a missle intercept program back in the 80's and before(60'?), was to prevent accidental missle launches or small scale attacks from minor rougue nations. 20 years later we are at the door steps of such scenerios.

What do the nay-sayers say now that the issue is thrust upon us? I'm not sure if something is close to being ready, but it was not emphised in the Clinton Adminstration, though he did feel it had some reasearch value.

N. Korea may soon me able to threaten N. Americas west coast, while there is no defense mechanism, with any chance of success, now in place.

Europeans, did not want us to develope it and have been some of the biggest critics. They felt it would start a arms race. We are now laid bare, as coffee shop experts scenerioes become a new reality. A youge generation must live in fear at the hands of a power hungry oppressor.

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Posted 03/13/2003 05:15AM #1
I wonder how the US will be able to afford a trillion dollar SDI of dubious effectiveness after spending a trillion or so occupying Iraq and giving the rich yet another tax cut. Oh, there's the failing economy,too.

Ten thousand nuclear warheads aren't a good enough defense mechanism I suppose.

Dave Mitsky

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