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My first '2 to 4-STAR' experience

Started by Eblanken, 11/20/2003 04:42AM
Posted 11/20/2003 04:42AM Opening Post
Hello all,

Well, I am considering my first encounter with giving a rating of less than 5-stars. Before I type that rating text and risk over-reacting (or under-reacting), I would like to hear from those of you who value the rating system: I could just "keep my mouth shut" and watch the person's next few transaction to see how quickly one of you give them a zero instead of my "kinder-gentler" rating of more-than-zero, but less-than-five either. I've noticed a trend toward a "digital, 0 or 5, tendency from some of you" has resulted in very few 2,3 or 4 star ratings.

Or I could be bold and send them an e-mail to see if they want to "make it right" or at least "try an apology & price adjustment (to "save the rating")" like "where was my brain when I wrote the ad, but 'left out that small detail about CUSTOM, hand drill/file/sandpaper/cement, etc., etc. modification', so what was shipped was not matching what was advertised ???"

Any sage advice on how to balance my interests vs a seller's interests (they have 5 blue stars, so they are somewhat new) vs the interests of "the larger ASTROMART community" that could be helped if I can "do the right thing" over this first real disappointment ?

I'm talking about a single transaction for less than $100, so this may be "down in the noise" or it may be the first sign of a "serial seller who has a blindness to the 'full-disclosure' approach that some/many of you take in your ads.

What say you all ???


P.S. Thanks in advance for your replys.