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Now for a break in the usual "Bull" herein the funny papers!

Started by The Mad One, 03/19/2020 04:48AM
Posted 03/19/2020 04:48AM Opening Post
Friend sent me this cause this number was one my father liked a lot.  He had always desired to learn the steel guitar, but was a bit busy working a couple of jobs and moonlighting in his own HVAC growing business which he grew to a good success.  He always put his family first, The Four Freshman were actually cousins of his, and he enjoyed going to see them when they were in town.

Anyhow I thought it might be a refreshing break from the funny papers in the "other" form below during this time of "spending more time at home ! silly grinsmile wink!!

The Steel Guitar; good rendition!

The Original by Herb!

Anyhow, enjoy (or not) & keep your chins up, this too shall pass!

Clear Skies and calm nights all!!!