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"Problem" with forum listings?

Started by drachal, 06/10/2002 08:19AM
Posted 06/10/2002 08:19AM Opening Post
I usually stay logged in the Astro Mart to make scanning the forums a little more convenient. This is something I do several times a day. The "problem" is the # of "new" listings shown on the Forums List. For example, it may show 5 new messages, say in Observing. I check & there are only 3 new. In order to show the correct # on the list, I have to go back to the Forum list & Refresh. Refreshing from the message list does not correct the "New" #. I thought that staying logged in all the time might be the reason, but I do not think logging in or out each time matters. When Refresh correct the New #, it corrects for all catagories on the Forum List. Maybe this is just the way it works, but I don't think I had this "problem" w/the old Astro Mart. Any thoughts?

[COLOR="Blue"]Darian Rachal[/COLOR]
Posted 06/11/2002 10:27AM #1
I guess I should have left well enough alone regarding my forum problems:-) Now, I cannot stay persistantly logged in, even though the box is checked & my preferences are not only not saved, but they do not even work. On the Forums List, I do not get any New messages indications although the #s change & when I go to a specific area the new listings are not indicated in red, as they previously were. Is there something I need to do on my end? Perhaps totally reregister? If things could be changed back to the way they were previously, that would be just fine.

[COLOR="Blue"]Darian Rachal[/COLOR]