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Re: Telescope financing

Started by darkhop, 09/11/2002 05:04AM
Posted 09/11/2002 05:04AM Opening Post
My strategy is to stay single.

(There's a lot of other things involved than just the ability to buy equipment, but it works as well for that too)

And for the curious, my girlfriend-in-perpetuity likes this arrangement, too. That's some kind of miracle, at least in my experience.

Posted 09/11/2002 08:01PM #1
If my wife knew what i spent on astro stuff there'd be hell to pay!(just kidding,but seriously she doesn't have a clue)She's better off not knowing.It's the only way unless you are rich which most of us aren't.I usually trade up in small monetary increments.(Sell the scope i have,then buy one a little more expensive with the money i got for the scope,plus money i have saved.)I haven't bought a new piece of equipment since 1998 when i bought my
C-8 deluxe.I have since sold it off and have tried just about every scope around thanks to astromart.I have settled on a 10 inch Starmaster EL and have a couple of smaller scopes for quick looks.A bigger newtonian would be nice if i had an observatory to keep it permanently mounted.Someday..........