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Stock Market Predictions for 2018

Started by Rod Kaufman, 12/24/2017 11:31AM
Posted 12/24/2017 11:31AM Opening Post
They're getting out their crystal balls and let's start with the grinch:
I read the same from some other financial chieftain at some mutual fund company last year who predicted a significant loss in the market for 2017 while everybody else appeared to predict the opposite. I suppose the investors in this guy's company weren't too pleased with him now.
Now for party time!
Posted 12/24/2017 12:30PM #1
Hi, Rod, et al... Here is a quote from ME, March 18, 2016 "This leads me to forecast as follows: If the press eventually, reluctantly addresses The Donald as “Mr. President” … we will see a Bull Market, with record-setting highs. Indeed – this coming November would be the trigger to prosperity. So – come November, look for a huge swing on Wall Street. This is not a political column. It is scientific assessment of the state of the union. Tom – Bull Tom" The complete (short) column can be found here: Keep in mind how LONG AGO was my auspicious forecast; the Dow closed 17,600 that day. Now it is 7000+ points higher. I made enough to buy many 36-inch telescopes. PS My 36 will be installed in the dome before March 18th, 2018. NO COINCIDENCE! Tom, counting his hatched eggs, Tom

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