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UN irrelevance - Human rights

Started by Settimio, 03/15/2003 10:22AM
Posted 03/15/2003 10:22AM Opening Post
Here's the UN Declaration of Human rights.

Sounds Very Good. Gee the UN solves everything.

Why are most the worlds population not allowed to practice these things? Why are there so many oppressed. All the nations belonging to the UN have sworn to uphold these things.

Maybe it has to with Article 29, section 3. Since these are not practice by so many goverments , espically those that stand against the USA, it must be because if these oppressed people were allowed to practice these freedoms, it would interfere with "the purpose and principles of the United Nations." What is the real UN pupose?

The US constitution has no such exception.

The first Step towards failure is trying. - Homer Simpson
Posted 03/15/2003 01:40PM #1
Unfortunately, the war on terrorism is destroying many of the fundamental rights and freedomes that our constitution is supposed to protect. I blame Congress and their haste to pass the "Patriot Act" as a knee jerk response that gives sweeping powers of investigation, incarceration with little pretense and even less due process.

Considering the fundamental shift away from liberty Congress took, there was damn little debate about the substance. Worse yet, historically the Judiciary, whose role is to be a check on the other two branches, tends to get swept up in the moment of the times and defends such crap (McCarthyism, Japanese internment and the Sedition Act are just a few examples).

I hope when the war on terror is over we haven't lost track of all the fundamental freedoms we beat our chest about. I'm not real happy with the trend. Labeling public dissent as unpatriotic, secret tribunals, indefinite detentions without charges. Those are pretty bothersome to me. I used to think the arguments for the second ammendment were specious and the the 1st and 4th were the most precious. I am beginning to understand the value of the 2nd as well.
Posted 03/15/2003 01:48PM #2
I agree with you on the UN's impotance. When Khadafi was elected as the head of the UN's Commission on Human Rights you know the organization is singing more than a bit out of tune.