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Started by dhvd79a, 07/31/2005 09:49AM
Posted 07/31/2005 09:49AM Opening Post
There is a good possibility that I will be moving to the Dallas, TX area in the near future. Specifically I will be working in Irving. I know almost nothing about the area so would like a little advice on where to live that is within an hour or less from Irving.

I am considering both renting an Apt and buying a house. If I rent I will probably live close in to Irving. If I buy I won't want to be right in the metroplex so what comunities, probably to the north, are good choices.

Also, how far to reasonnbly dark skies? 8)

Posted 08/03/2005 10:13PM #1
Nobody from the dallas area who has any suggestions?
Posted 08/05/2005 08:50PM #2
Turns out I didn't get the job. I am a bit shocked since I was assured just 3 days ago I was the leading candidate and the interviews were over.

Oh well, back to looking for another new job. 8(