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Are you offended?

Started by Kevin Conville, 03/26/2004 04:41PM
Posted 03/26/2004 04:41PM Opening Post
Forget for the moment all the things that the Bu$h
administration has done for which you could be

This is about the recent dinner for the press corps
where he was showing stills of himself and goofing on
himself looking for W.M.D.s.

Did you see it?
Did you laugh?
Do you think the soldiers and families of soldiers who
were killed or injured thought it was a hoot?

The insensitivity of this man and (apparently) his
advisors is staggering.

Be sure to vote your conscience.
Posted 03/27/2004 01:45PM #1
Truthfully, I am almost speechless.

Yes, I am more than offended. These are the words that come to mind, to describe my feelings.

arrogant, shallow, pathetic, shame-full
slug-like, horrific, disturbed, not-sane,

EVIL WARDOG.........!!!