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Bush and the Jobs Report

Started by Rod Kaufman, 09/02/2004 10:43PM
Posted 09/02/2004 10:43PM Opening Post
KNX news radio noted Bush had the Friday jobs report prior to delivering his speech as he receives it 16 hours before we do. Wall street was said to be carefully watching his speech for indications of what may occur with the jobs report.It appears the job report is going to tank as Bush said one line to the effect of we are creating jobs but nothing more. If the report is going to be positive, one would suspect Bush would have presented it with glee at the covention. Instead we got his usual story about creating lost jobs with some unspecified venture in going back to school to learn new skills at a junior college, whatever that may be. If the job report turns out to be positive, one might wonder why Bush did not seize the opportunity to push his agenda...