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Connect the dots

Started by hknytych, 04/27/2004 02:02PM
Posted 04/27/2004 02:02PM Opening Post
There's been a lot of talk about "connecting the dots" since Condi's testimony before the 9/11 investigation committee. I submit there's another way to connect the dots. Here are some dots, along with a few speculations:

- The Bu$h administration is in thick with the Saudi royal family.
- Prince Bandar, a foreign national, knew of the Iraqi war plans even prior to cabinet member Colin Powell, a retired 4 star general.
- The Saudis are not really our friends and allies as the administration would have us believe they are.
- Family ties are very strong among Islamic people
- Immediately after 9/11, Saudis in the US, including 24 members of the Ben Laden family, were allowed to fly out of the country without being interrogated by law enforecement officials, at a time when all air traffic was grounded.
- Prior to the 9/11 attack, the administration ignored terrorist threats from Al-Queda.
- During the 9/11 attack, GWB was out of harm's way in a 2nd grade class, while Cheney was also safe in an "undisclosed location".
- NORAD had plans for dealing with airliners that deviate from flight plans, but those plans were not implemented on 9/11.
- During the invasion of Afganistan following 9/11, about the time the net was drawing in on OBL, $700 million of the money allocated by Congress was illegally diverted from Afganistan to Iraq.

- Osama is not really a pariah in the Ben Laden family.
- Al-Queda is an operation arm of the Saudi ruling family.
- Acquiring Iraqi oil and "finishing the job in Iraq" are higher priorities than catching OBL and the war on terrorism.
- OBL will be captured when it's politically convenient.
- Prior to 9/11, the administration knew an attack was imminent. There may be more here.
- The attack on the WTC succeeded beyond anyone's wildest imagination. (A light WWII bomber crashed into the Empire State Building 60 or 70 years ago, so the example was there. Perhaps they don't build skyscrapers like they used to. But then, that was only an unarmed light bomber).
- Planning and support for Al-Queda's terrorist activities is not limited to Al-Queda.

You connect the dots.
Posted 04/28/2004 06:37AM #1
Sounds plausible, Jim. Why don't you research it and get back to us in a few years? There's a good fellow...