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Dinner with Barack

Started by jameswilliamjohnson, 06/16/2012 09:03PM
Posted 06/16/2012 09:03PM Opening Post

Register soon. No contribution needed.

BTW, only U.S. citizens and legal residents need apply.

Jim J

"Much of the social history of the Western world, over the past three decades, has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good." - Thomas Sowell
Posted 06/16/2012 09:20PM #1
Evidently a requirement:|25219|7946991837|134331454|7784054974|b|24387458374|tc||g|||&cct_ver=3&cct_bk=governor%20mitt%20romney&gclid=CIirnsu11LACFYgERQodZBcI3g
Posted 06/17/2012 12:44PM #2
Just what I always wanted: dinner with a leader of the chattering class. cwy Presidential candidates talk for a living, not listen. They just want you to sit there and be a useful idiot. There would have to be some rules. On him. Only speak when you are spoken too, and answer all questions directly like a standard human being.
Posted 06/17/2012 01:03PM #3
I'd sign up for a raffle to get Barack to wash and wax my car. I'd play some Stevie Wonder for him and give him a beer.

(At Occidental) Mr Obama also became a huge fan of Stevie Wonder and took a boring low paid job so he could understand what it was like to be poor and black. :S

Since they don't allow car washing on certain days, and require state-approved environmental detergent, and it can't go down the gutter, and the music violates a noise abeyance law, and you can't drink beer in your front yard, I'd then have him arrested for multiple nanny-state violations.

I'd sign up for a raffle to get Romney to scoop dog poop in my yard. He loves dogs, right? I'd pay him CA minimum wage of $8.00 for his hour of work, then I'd take out Fed Income Tax, CA Income Tax, State Disability Insurance, MediCal, Medicare/Medicaid, state-mandated medical insurance premium, and FICA, and give him his paycheck for $3.00
Posted 06/17/2012 01:09PM #4
I'd love to have dinner with Barack or Romney. Neither one of them will address the elephant in the room: H1B labor. In the course of my career, I have seen IT departments go from 5% or less Indian labor to somewhere between 50% and 80% labor.

For those who went the MCSE route, those certifications went from being a ticket to a $50K job to intermittent work with the geek squad. Americans used to go to Computer Learning Center, Community Colleges, and self-built basement LANs for training and be able to bootstrap themselves into good middle class jobs. The notion is fairly laughable now.

When I was in college, the professors told everyone not to worry about the departure of manufacturing jobs because everyone would have high-paying, clean, information technology and service sector jobs. However, with Internet-fueled, globalization, we find ourselves competing with everyone on the planet for jobs. Work has been projectized and people are hired for the duration of specific projects. On the lower end of the job spectrum, illegal immigrant and exploitable new immigrant labor is making job conditions worse for everyone. This is hardly a climate for building wealth, stability, or owning a home.

I have several telescopes, but none are semi-APO, APO, or in anyway valuable.