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good for him.

Started by dconra12, 06/06/2010 08:34AM
Posted 06/06/2010 08:34AM | Edited 06/06/2010 09:07AM Opening Post
This happened a while ago but the sentiment is the same. This guy really didn'tike the mexican flag being flown above the U.S. flag.
Posted 06/06/2010 09:09AM #1
See, we can all agree on some things. grin

Great video! Go Army!
Posted 06/06/2010 06:31PM #2
The store owner was being purposely provocative in my opinion. When called on his gaffe he makes up some lame 'didn't know' story. Simple common sense in any country on this planet is that you don't fly a foreign flag above the home country's flag.

He actually wouldn't have caused any fuss at all if he had flown the Mexican flag by itself. The solo flag simply states one's pride of origin. I fly a Canadian flag on my car at Star Parties in the USA and no one ever says anything more than, "Oh, there's a Canadian guy here...."

Bravo to the Veteran and, if the store owner has any brains at all he won't press the theft charges.