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"King George" and your rights

Started by Rod Kaufman, 09/01/2004 02:24PM
Posted 09/01/2004 02:24PM Opening Post
News item:
A man was reported to the secret service by his neighbors for displaying a sticker that read:" King George-Off with his head!"
The secret service actually appeared and asked the man if he had terrorist connections! Moreover, they confiscated his sticker!
He's now filing a lawsuit...
Posted 09/01/2004 03:16PM | Edited 09/01/2004 03:17PM #1
>>> He's now filing a lawsuit...

That terrorist had better be careful or he will be headed for an indeterminant stay at GITMO. 8O

There are only 10 kinds of people who understand binary - those that do and those that don't
Posted 09/01/2004 03:37PM | Edited 09/01/2004 03:37PM #2

Do you have a source for the story you relate. It sure does sound like an urban legend to me.

All you lefties will appreciate the "King George - Off With His Head" graphic here:

Posted 09/02/2004 10:43AM #3
"I am sure that Carl Rove directed it or it is part of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy." -JB

That's correct! Very perceptive!

"The Secret Service often over reacts to ensure the safety of those the protect - no matter the political slant. They do not mess around with any theoretical threat."

-Also correct... personal experience talkin' here...

"[I]If libs are so concerned about civil liberties..."

-Huh? Oh, never mind...

"...then let's start by reducing the protection of Kerry, the Clinton's and Kennedy..."

Good start, but add ALL the ex-prezes, ALL of Congress (past & present,), and ALL in public office, elected or selected... make 'em all pay for it themselves... worked in Sweden, didn't it?

"All of a sudden they will be all for strict enforcement of the law."

Just wouldn't they all?

"I suspect his lawsuit will be thrown out."

No doubt, but fun while it lasts.