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Man, oh Man!

Started by Kevin Conville, 03/24/2004 04:22PM
Posted 03/24/2004 04:22PM Opening Post
Did Bu$h and his cabinet get they're clock cleaned today.
Clarke was unflappable, concise, factual, and believable.

And, where the *^@# is Condoleezza Rice?!
She doesn't want to swear in. Who can blame her?
I'll bet she's a preacher's daughter.
Posted 03/24/2004 05:13PM #1
Just remember to take what Clarke says with the proverbial gain of salt...

Its easy to be right in hind-sight, and a book deal always seems to firm up ones own convictions, especially after you are no longer serving an administration. No publisher is interested in an ex-politico expose that says "yep, they did what they say they did for the reasons they said they did."

Clinton had plenty of his own issues with that as well, see Primary Colors.