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Presidential Insults

Started by hknytych, 07/14/2004 12:04PM
Posted 07/14/2004 12:04PM Opening Post
I just heard a teenage caller to Al Franken (yes, LIBERAL radio, and what about it?) report that he and two of his activist friends attended a rally where the president appeared. They were holding signs contrary to his policies (sorry, I didn't get the details on what the signs read or the policy they were protesting). The caller reported that Bush flipped them off. Surely being flipped off by the President of the United States is a memory they will have for the rest of their lives.

My question: If it be true, is this presidential demeanor? Is this impulsive? What does an obscene insult directed toward kids say about the character of the man? And please, rightees, don't respond with a rehash of the Clinton/Monica show. We need to evaluate THIS president's fitness for re-election, not cloud the issue with a diversion to the LAST president. And it's not Bush bashing, hate, or unpatiotic if it's FACT. We need to wake up and evaluate this guy's personality realistically, not through the fog of patriotic idealism and slogans.

Posted 07/14/2004 12:12PM #1
If this was true, the media would be all over it. No one reaches the levels of either Bush or Kerry by flipping people off in public. Both candidates have faced hostile crowds and critics over the years, and both can handle it professionally.

Posted 07/15/2004 07:57AM #2
Is there any evidence other than a teenager who called a radio show that this actually occured?