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Re: Hypersensitive concern about assassination

Started by rpasken, 05/23/2008 08:54PM
Posted 05/23/2008 08:54PM Opening Post
The only racist I see is Jim Babcock
Posted 05/23/2008 09:15PM | Edited 05/23/2008 09:16PM #1
Robert Pasken said:

The only racist I see is Jim Babcock
Well, I guess that depends on how you define racist. I suspect Michelle Obama is a racist. Jim's not an Obamatard; perhaps that makes him a racist from your perspective.

Darian R.
Posted 05/23/2008 11:29PM #2
You are not conservative by any definition I am aware of. >sad Further all I have to judge whether you are racist or not is the continued stream of racist comments in your posts. You might try reading your own posts for some of your diatribes against anything or anybody who disagrees with your very self-centered outlook. Oh I get it now you don't mean conservative republican in the form of "If you want a helping hand look at the end of your sleeve", but conservative republican in the Reagan sense "I got mine s***w you".