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Re: Let the rallies begin

Started by Chuck Cunningham, 03/09/2009 09:18AM
Posted 03/09/2009 09:18AM Opening Post
It is too easy to oppose something. When they start proposing viable alternatives, then I'll listen. Do they think everything is going to be just fine if we do nothing at all?
Posted 03/09/2009 05:19PM #1
Jim Babcock said:

They have proposed many ideas, but none of them are extreme or liberal enough for Obama.

The nonpartisan CBO actually said that Obama's plan is WORSE than doing nothing in the long run. No one is proposing that we do nothing. What Obama is doing is destructive and it is great when citizens speak out against a regime like Obama's.

Why don't we just eliminate ALL governemnt, Jim? Seriously, any form of government is giong to cost us money and require us all to be taxed. So dump it all. No more cops, mayors, senators, governors, school boards etc. Get rid of it all. We dont need no stinkin governemnt to tell us what to do, we can do it on our own!!!

It is what it is...