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Richard Clark, GWB, and what to do

Started by Kevin Conville, 04/12/2004 08:50AM
Posted 04/12/2004 08:50AM Opening Post
I just finished Clark's book. Is there anyone out there who's read it that would vote for GWB? And why?

Many people are parroting what they see and hear the chuckle heads say on TV, specifically the paid-partisan-pundants. I really hate this behavior. It's lazy, dangerous, and ignorant. After reading Clark's book I must say I'm impressed. This was/is THE guy to go to about anti-terrorism. He is articulate, has the facts, figures, and dates and truly understands the complexity and nuance of our dilemma. His story is certainly one of frustration at trying to get people to listen and do THEIR jobs.

The institutions and people that he lays into the most are the CIA and FBI for systemic and beaurocratic incompetence and GWB and cabinet for ignorance with an alternate agenda. His account has the ring of truth and plausibility.

IMO GWB doesn't deserve re-election no matter who he's running against. I'm of the feeling that virtually anyone on the street would do a better job and would serve our country's interests better.
Posted 04/12/2004 10:45AM #1
Clarke worked for three or four Presidents, didn't he? Tough to discredit him, but the current administration and the neo-conservative media have sure been trying.