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Speakers Health Prison

Started by dconra12, 11/09/2009 05:29PM
Posted 11/09/2009 05:29PM Opening Post
On King 5 in Seattle the speaker of the house of representatives said that those of us who refuse to purchase insurance should face prison terms. That should make the libs happy to know that if the house version passes, they will not only get to support my wife while I am in prison; they will also be able to pay for my room, board, and health care while I am a ward of the Federal Government. grin grin
Posted 11/09/2009 07:24PM #1
The speakers statement was buy or fines and prison. She mentioned subsidies and employers forced to buy or prison for them. In my case its off to prison since even if I had the money I would refuse to buy. My guess is that all property would be consfiscated first then off to prison. It's too bad I haven't heard one single argument for the constitutionality of such an action but then in this day and age of hype and hysteria; the population has no idea of what our form of government is supposed to be, and the politicians figure they can do what ever they damned well please.