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Started by Anacortes, 09/03/2012 02:46PM
Posted 09/03/2012 02:46PM Opening Post
Posted 09/03/2012 02:59PM #1
"EgyptÕs economy is increasingly precarious, with dwindling foreign-exchange reserves and nagging unemployment. The instability that followed the toppling of Mr. Mubarak devastated tourism, one of the countryÕs greatest sources of foreign currency. Saudi Arabia and Qatar have stepped in to provide emergency infusions totaling $3 billion, while China offered Mr. Morsi a $200 million loan for Egypt and signed investment contracts in agriculture and telecommunications."

So we borrow $6,000,000,000 from China to cover our end of the "deal" and China LOANS Egypt $200,000,000 with strings to contracts.

We are so stupid it hurts