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Started by Settimio, 08/21/2003 04:19PM
Posted 08/21/2003 04:19PM Opening Post
I have enjoyed my discussion with you all. Hope non has been hit to personal. I personally have thick skin.

I do not believe science has all the physical answers, nor do I see it as static. Same with relgion. We all have aparadime that dictates what we accept and deny, and what is the basis for our augments. I like examining mine.

I'm a christian Deist, who does not beleive the bible is the word of God, and loosly constrain God. Therefore some of the arguments were irrelevant. Don't expect me to defend the bible or anyone elses sacred text as a science book, (or there beliefs). I also recognize the obvious.

To say science is not a relgious element is one thing and I can agree to that, but to say it does not require faith, is erronious.

Those who wish to use science to desribe human behavior and
the universe will not succed completely. Obviously those who will deny science and use only religion, will not be as good at finding oil, minerals, have GPS and the like.

There are many parralles in scientific and religious development, I'm anti-Saganist in that I believe they are compatable and converging.

I will try and resond to any more issues, but I will be tied up in the next few days, and these issues move almost too quick for me to answer as it is. So if I'm quiet for a while, don't think I've given up.

The first Step towards failure is trying. - Homer Simpson