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Needs of an open society

Started by NebSteve, 02/01/2010 03:10PM
Posted 02/01/2010 03:10PM Opening Post
Hi All,
I didn't care to dig into the 60 plus exchanges on the last thread. Maybe I missed some good ones. However, I've been re-reading the Constitution and have an open ended question for your considerable consideration and more amusement.

The question's premmiss can be based either within our Constitutional democracy or in any society considering itself to be enlightened and free. I'm giving the USA some lee way here Patriot Act, Big Brother and modern day Gestapo tactics set asside for now. Yes, that's a whine.

How should a society steeped in the traditional mainstream Christian religions handle the inflow of those of another mainstream faith, or expanding numbers of those who follow no organized faith?

In other words what would you say is a good base-line for the moral characture of a nation? Do we use the ten comandments or make a list of basic behaviors everyone can agree are crimes? I'd rather not let the word "sin" into this one, because it's society trying to protect itself I'm after.


Posted 02/20/2010 09:22PM #1

First, you just omit the commandments 1 through 3.
The text of #4 shall be amended to add: "Making good fried chicken is a very holy task. But, putting too much ice in soft drink cups is Satanic and will condemn you to burn in hell."
The text of #5 shall be amended to add: "Unless your parents are just plain nuts, in which case, all bets are off."
The text of #6 through #10 are perfectly good. Although you might add an explanatory note saying: "If you think your neighbors Ox is sexy, seek professional help."
Basically, 5 of the commandments stand up very well in a secular society.

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