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Deep sky stacker sign wave width

Started by Answer, 12/22/2021 08:28PM
Posted 12/22/2021 08:28PM Opening Post
Hello I am having issues trying to figure out why my sign wave generated for final stacked image with default settings in deep sky stacker is so “ narrow “ ( see attached images my output file has a narrow sign wave compared to others ? ) it is my understanding that the final image data processed in Deep sky stacker is contained within the sign wave ? Perhaps I’m mistaken I am stacking narrow band images monochrome via H , O , S filters I have tried no no darks with or with out bias darks etc I’m stacking about 40 x 300 second subs and have tried lowering sub counts dark counts biased counts and using nothing but light images but the sign wave remains small am I loosing data for post processing in photo shop because of this and is there a way to widen the sign wave so that it is automatically wider on auto stacked output file. ????

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Posted 12/22/2021 08:30PM #1
This is a comparison of a wider sign wave that I’m trying to have automatically generated in deep Sky stacker is there a way to do this ?

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