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Globular Clusters in M110

Started by reconair, 04/15/2019 06:27PM
Posted 04/15/2019 06:27PM Opening Post
An astronomy associate of mine got me thinking about actually identifying the known globular clusters in M110 (NGC205, PCC2429) from an image of same I took recently. Fortunately, there was enough references and tools available on the Internet that allowed me to do some research to identify them. I believe I’ve successfully identified 10 of the known globular clusters in M110. G73 (M=15) would have been visible, but is out of the frame towards the east (top left corner). Amazingly, magnitudes for the GCs range from M=16.6 (G63) to M=18.5 (G54). I would have never believed I could achieve this level of resolution. The Takahashi FRC300 is an amazing scope. Couple it with a very capable camera like the ZWO ASI1600MM-C and who knows what one could achieve from a backyard observatory. The BOL and GC objects are globulars identified in the SIMBAD database. I compared them visually with the location of objects in my M110 image. There are other possible globulars in the image, but they were either not visible or I could not make a positive id. There are also dim galaxies in the image, but I did not attempt to identify them.  Image details: Tak FRC300 at f15.6, 40x60s frames stacked in DeepSkyStacker and finished in PSCS6 for Mac. 

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Scott Busby
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Posted 04/17/2019 05:22AM #1
Pretty cool! Thanks for sharing.